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profanityprayer's Journal

forced smiles baby, half dead
16 November 1991
My name is Sara, talk to me to get to know me. i'm shy unless i'm comfortable with u usually, although there has been exceptions where i've warmed up to people pretty quickly. i love music, it's my life & always will be until the day i take my last breath. i listen to every genre under the sun probably & like at least one artist from each. i live with my ipod buds permanently implanted in my ears. i'm very sarcastic. i tend to write here to vent mostly but i'm not all "emo" constantly, believe me. when i like something i go full force & will break a mofo's face for you. i try not to hold grudges too often though.

there's my attempt at unravelling this thread, run with it.
acting, alternative rock, andy warhol, art, astrology, audrey hepburn, bass guitar, beck, big sunglasses, blaqk audio, bohemian, books, boots, caffeine, california, cameras, chicago, chinese food, cigarrettes, clandestine industries, cobra starship, coffee, concerts, courtney love, cruel intentions, dancing, david bowie, donnie darko, edie sedgwick, electro, emo, england, espresso, eyeliner, eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, fall out boy, fashion, finland, flirting, foreign, freddie mercury, galleries, glamour, glitter, goth, green tea, guns n roses, gym class heroes, harajuku, hooking up, horror, hugs, indie, insomnia, internet, italian food, italy, japan, japanese toys, jeans, jeffree star, johnny depp, kanye west, kisses, kurt cobain, lady gaga, layering, leggings, lily allen, living in the city, london, louis vuitton, madonna, magazines, make-up, making out, marilyn monroe, mars volta, mascara, merch, metal, mexican food, mgmt, michael jackson, modelling, motley crue, mp3s, music, my chemical romance, mystery, new york, nightclubs, nirvana, panic at the disco, paramore, paris, partying, peace, pete wentz, photography, piercings, pirates, poetry, pop, pop art, punk, queen, radiohead, raving, red, red lipstick, revolution, rock, romance, ryan ross, scarves, scorpio, singing, skinny jeans, smoking, songs, sonny, soy, speed, spring sunrises, starbucks, summer nights, sweeney todd, tattoos, techno, thai food, the darjeeling limited, the sims, the used, thrift shops, tim burton, tofu, tokyo, trance, urban outfitters, vampires, vegetarian, video games, vintage, vinyl, weed, wicker park, william beckett, yellow curry